A guide to Motorhome Hire in NZ

As a first timer in Motorhome Hire, you need to know and understand the costs that you will be paying for. This will allow you to make better judgements and plan on your budget. So what are the costs that you will have to consider and pay close attention to?

Rates for Extras

All Motorhome Hire comes with the basic necessities such as bedding and linens, kitchen utensils and appliances, etc. They should all be included in your rental cost. However, if you need additional equipment such as a GPS for navigating around New Zealand, child seats, or outdoor furniture, it would be charged as extra costs. So remember to always check with the motorhome hiring company to see what they offer and beware of overcharges for things you do not need.

Insurance Costs

Another cost that you have to be aware of is insurance. Not all Motorhome Hire Company provide insurance as part of their rental package deal. Even when it is included, check what type of insurance they provide. Usually, it’s a standard insurance cover. Never skip insurance as it can be a lifesaver to you and your wallet if accidents occur.

Road Charges

If you are a foreigner driving in New Zealand for the first time, it is important to note where and how much the toll charges are. You may be accustom to paying it by the toll booth as you pass the toll station but here in New Zealand we pay them online. You can visit NZ Transport Agency to find out more about the tolls and payment methods.

Relocation Rates

It’s better to know where you plan to end your journey to drop off the Motorhome Hire as most rental package deals include return trip fees. If you’re unsure, talk with the motorhome company to discuss the best option that best suit you. That way you can avoid having to pay extra relocation fees which could be charged when you change your drop off location.

Cancellation Rates

Similar to any hotel or accommodation bookings, there will be a cancellation fee. So be sure that you are ready to invest in renting a motorhome. The cancellation is usually charged by a percentage of your rental.