Camping with Motorhome Rental

New Zealand is famous for its natural beauty, that seems untouched and out of this world. This makes New Zealand a great destination to do cross country road trips with motorhomes rental. If you’re new to travelling with motorhomes, you have to be aware that you can’t park your vehicle overnight wherever you please. If you do so, you could end up with a $200 infringement fine. Therefore, the safest option is to find a proper campground.

So where do you search for a campsite? First, you should know that there are a few ways to camp, and not all are free. Manaia Motorhomes is here to sort you out all the information you need.

Department of Conservation

Department of Conservation (DOC) manages over 200 campsites in New Zealand. They have a range of campsites suitable for backpackers, cars, caravan/campervan and motorhome rental. The prices for the site depends on the facilities provided, which can be identified by their grading system (basic, scenic and standard, serviced).

DOC also provide guides to the great walks of New Zealand. Their campsites are usually located near regional parks which are perfect for tramping and hiking lover. Besides, you can explore their DOC’s website to discover other outdoor activities around New Zealand or travelling tips.

Freedom Camping

Freedom camping is the most prefered camping method because it is free! However, it can be quite difficult to find, and it is only suitable for self-contained vehicles as there is limited access to facilities in most of the locations. So visit Rankers NZ for freedom campsite guidance. Make sure to read the site description for each location to check if they have the facilities you need before you book a campsite.
New Zealand takes environmental protection very seriously. Be careful where you camp and park your Motorhome Rental. If ever in doubt, check for any camping restriction signs or visit Department of Conservation for more info on camping restriction and a list of restricted locations.

Farm Stays

As a foreigner, a great way to travel and stay around New Zealand is with the locals. Okay2Stay is the perfect website for those looking to meet with locals and is travelling with a Motorhome Rental. Visit their site for a list of local farms, orchards, and vineyards for you to choose from for a unique experience.
Most of them are free to stay, however, it is a courtesy to purchase their products as a trade-off. It will help support their business and in return, you get to stay for less compared to campgrounds. Another thing to note, similar to Freedom Camping, your motorhome rental has to be self-contained.

Holiday Parks & Campgrounds

If you’re looking for a cleaner and luxurious camping experience with fully serviced facilities and motorhome dumping stations, then holiday parks and campgrounds will be perfect for you. It is great for families and friends to enjoy as there are entertainments, outdoor recreational activities, and so much more. Check out 100% Pure New Zealand for a list of Holiday Parks and Campgrounds you can visit.