5 Top Motorhome Hire NZ Tips For Beginners

Are you thinking of hitting the road in New Zealand for the first time ever? Motorhome hire NZ is the best choice for you. Without a doubt, this is the right way to go if you really want to travel around this splendid country. Hiring a motorhome in New Zealand will give you the opportunity to save money on accommodation. In addition, when it comes to exploring some of the lesser known locations of the islands, it offers you great freedom.

However, motorhome hire in New Zealand is always a daunting task, particularly if you are a first timer. There are some things you must understand very well such as the best company, the type of vehicle model, and the type of insurance you will take.

Check out these top 5 tips for hiring a motorhome in New Zealand for the first time, before you proceed on your plan.

  1. Motorhome Hire NZ Prices

It can be quite expensive to hire a motorhome in New Zealand, particularly during school holidays, Christmas, and other important festivals. Consequently, increase your budget and book in advance, if you plan to travel in December and January.

Note that prices for a motorhome in New Zealand differ, depending on the season and availability. As a result, it will be much cheaper to book a motorhome, three months ahead of the time you are planning to travel. Moreover, you will pay less on a daily basis if you hire motorhome New Zealand for a long period.

  1. Set a Firm and Realistic Budget

How much do you need set aside to rent a motorhome in New Zealand? Set a reasonable budget and think about whether the cost is really worth the trip. As a beginner to motorhome travel, hiring is also the best way to discover whether owning a motorhome is the best option for you without having to make the expensive financial investment of Motorhome Hire.

  1. Shop Around for Motorhome Hire

Make sure you shop around to make sure you are hiring a motorhome from a trustworthy company in New Zealand. Explore different companies and van models available and do the comparison of rental plans before you make your mind up on the chosen vehicle.

You will need a more spacious model of a motorhome if you are traveling with the entire family or a large group of people, or find motorhomes with additional extras like a water filtration system and solar panels if you plan to visit rural, remote areas.

       4. Insurance 

Before you get right on the road, make sure you have adequate insurance cover. Some of the motorhome hire NZ companies have insurance incorporated in their contracts. Confirm this with the company of your choice before you seal the deal. In addition, research the available insurance options and do a price comparison before choosing the right cover for you. 

      5. Avoid Over-packing 

It can be difficult to pack for any motorhome holiday because you want to avoid over-packing and taking too little or too many items with you. Make sure you pack smart, don’t leave your essentials, like shower, toothbrush, and toothpaste behind. Hence, prepare a list of your essentials and follow it to the latter. 

Finally, a road trip in a Motorhome Hire NZ is just the same as taking a trip on wheels in a hotel. For a lot of people, Motorhome Hire is like a home far away from home on a smaller level. Right on board, you have your bathroom, kitchen, and bed. Rental companies in New Zealand are always available and ready to help you if you are new to hiring a motorhome in New Zealand.

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